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The Simply Renewable website promotes energy efficiency and renewable energy products and services. These products and services can be used in domestic applications, or in the construction of new homes and commercial premises. Whatever your renewable related query, or requirement, our listing will provide you with the information, products and services you need.

We list under three headings; Domestic, Building and Commercial. Whether you are building or renovating, or just want to help make a difference, Simply Renewable has it all.

Around the world, governments are urging their citizens to use energy from more environmentally friendly and renewable sources. Saving energy and reducing waste is hugely important in the global effort to reduce harmful carbon emissions. Reducing the energy needs of your home or business will save money and help reduce carbon emissions.

Technologies such as solar PV and wind power are more readily available and are a real means to saving energy. The UK government, along with others around the globe have introduced initiatives and proposals to ensure more of our energy comes from environmentally friendly and renewable sources.

The Simply Renewable blog highlights the UKs exemplar sustainable buildings and renewable energy projects.

The buildings and projects featured use the best and most advanced green technologies. Our blog shows what can be achieved, and how the sustainability agenda is progressing.

Green Guru: Sir Crispin Tickell talks climate change

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An area 200 miles square covered with solar panels could provide all the electricity the world needs
Wind can potentially provide around a 10th of the world's power. That would cut down dioxide emissions by a billion tons a year
Our world leading hydrogen power plant projects in Scotland and California have the potential to produce low-carbon power on a commercial scale
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Scotland's Housing Expo - The Highland Region of Scotland is staging a major housing fair to showcase the best of house building design and technology. It aims to change the thinking for the better on urban development.