UK Renewables To Focus On 'Investor Certainty'

Posted on 10/12/2010
One of the major issues that slows down renewable energy development anywhere, is investor certainty how much support for a particular project, how long, and so on. Every major renewable energy project requires years for development, and quite a large amount of investment into the process, in order to see it through to the very end. In a climate of investment uncertainty, investors will not invest large amounts of money in projects which represent a commitment of several years, only to be let down much later, and suffer losses. The UK has decided to do something about this issue, and introduced a faster project review process for renewable energy development, providing greater investor certainty for projects under the Renewables Obligation from 2013.

From now on, investors will get an indication of support for a particular project, which is to start generating electricity from April 2013, already in mid-2011. Previously, these indications would have been given no earlier than Autumn 2012. This announcement of change came from the Department of Climate change.