Wood burning stoves and boilers

There is nothing quite like a real fire to give enduring warmth to your home. Using ultra efficient and incorporating the latest and best clean-burn technologies stoves not only look great, but will heat your home in a very efficient manner.

Wood burning stoves are cleaner than coal burning stoves, and wood is a renewable fuel source which is carbon neutral, so is friendlier to the environment.

Many terms are used to describe the wood burning stove, such as woodburner, wood stove or a woodburning stove, but they all mean the same;  stove used solely for burning wood. A wood burning stove will have no grate or ashpan, wood is simply burnt on the base of the stove, usually in the bed of ash from the night before. This means that a woodburning stove can fit more logs inside than the equivalent sized multi-fuel model.

The benefits of a ‘real fired’ central heating system as opposed to gas, electric or oil are numerous: the constant heat source, elimination of condensation and the continual air changes caused by a ‘breathing’ heating appliance, are more beneficial to health and well-being. Combined with high efficiency boilers they offer significant environmental benefits and they are not as demanding on your pocket!

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