Biomass, in the energy production industry, refers to living and recently dead biological material which can be used as fuel or for industrial production. Most commonly, biomass refers to plant matter grown for use as biofuel but it also includes plant or animal matter used for production of fibres, chemicals or heat.

Biomass may also include biodegradable wastes that can be burnt as fuel. It excludes organic material which has been transformed by geological processes into substances such as coal or petroleum. It is usually measured by dry weight.

Sources of biomass energy lead to agricultural crop residues, energy plantations, and municipal and industrial wastes.

Biomass is grown from several plants, including mischantus, switchgrass,  hemp corn, poplar, and sugarcane. The particular plant used is usually not very important to the end products, but it does affect the processing of the raw material. Production of biomass is a fast developing industry as interest in sustainable fuel sources is growing.

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