Double Glazing

Installing double glazing can cut heat loss through windows by half. Double glazing works by trapping air between two panes of glass creating an insulating barrier that reduces heat loss, noise and condensation.

The savings

Double glazing cuts heat lost through windows by half and can save £80 - £100 a year on your heating bills. Double glazing, can save a household about three quarters of a tonne of CO2 a year.

Annual saving (£/yr) - Around £90    
CO2 saving per year  - Around 740kg

If everyone in the UK who needed double glazing fitted it we'd save the equivalent of 800,000 households' CO2 emissions.
Always look for the Energy Saving Recommended logo when choosing your window.

Fitting double glazing is a professional job. Always look for the Energy Saving Recommended logo when choosing your windows - that way you can be sure they are the most energy efficient as the whole window (frame and glass) is assessed on a rating of A-G by the British Fenestration Ratings Council
If you're on a budget, fitting secondary glazing could be the answer. It's less expensive than replacement double-glazing and will still save money by cutting heat loss and draughts.

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