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Coalition Reaffirms Labour Green Pledge
Every new home is to be powered by a green energy plant to offset its environmental impact under government plans for zero-carbon living from 2016. If a development is too small, remote or shielded from wind or sun for an effective renewables scheme, developers will pay a levy to the local council to creat...
Romag to Provide Rooftop Solar PV for CES
Romag to provide rooftop solar PV for CES Romag Holdings Plc will provide solar photovoltaic (PV) modules and roof mount kits for Community Energy Solutions (CES) in a contract worth up to £10.2 million. ...
1.5 twp Solar Voltaics could be installed on European Roofs
More than 1.5 TWp of solar photovoltaics (PV) could be installed on European roofs producing 1400 TWh, or 40% of EUís electricity demand by 2020, according to the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA). ...
Eco-Town Proposal Submitted
Proposals have been submitted for a so called 'eco-town' in Gloucestershire which would see the creation of 2,000 new homes. Developers Hunter Page Planning submitted the proposal to Stroud District Council and parish councils. Th...
Simply Renewable sponsors Highland Housing Fair
simply renewable Ltd - proud sponsors of the highland housing fair. Scotland's First Housing Fair 1st to 31st August 2009 Inverness The Highlands of Scotland is staging a major housing fair to showcase the best of hou...
Energy Performance revolution in the Outer Hebrides
To understand the concept behind Greenspace, you don't have to under­stand the technology ó which is just as well. Even someone with a fairly advanced understanding of computer systems would be left baffled by a pro­gramme which conducts &...

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The Green Register is an independent, self-funded organisation whose principal goal is to promote sustainable building practices across all disciplines of the construction industry. Our aims are achieved through our three core activities: - Raising awareness by running training and events across the UK. These events range from half-day workshops to our two-day introductory training course a... more info »