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The UK is the windiest country in Europe and the resource is much greater during the colder months of the year, when energy demand is at its highest. Wind technology is providing clean, reliable energy in many countries. But few have the potential that our country enjoys. We are in an excellent position to provide more electricity from our wind resource, but a major step change in needed in the number of consents being granted both onshore and offshore.

Technology is also being developed to store wind power as hydrogen which can then be used to power fuel cells in power stations and in vehicles.

The wind industry could bring thousands of new jobs to the UK, many of them using offshore engineering skills used by the declining oil and gas industry. If offshore wind were developed to supply just 10% of the UK's electricity, then 36,000 jobs could be created.  

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According to media sources, and unnamed officials from the French Energy Ministry, France seems to be planning a huge array of offshore wind farms totalling in 3 GW of installed capacity. The whole endeavor will require an estimated EUR 10 billion...
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Turbina IPG, a small wind turbine manufacturer from Republika Srpska (Federation of Bosnia & Herzegovina), and VAWT patent holder, is seeking investments to expand its business. The company plans to offer its stock to the public, in order to r...
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Ireland could become energy independent if it adopts a plan to create a series of pumped hydro storage stations along its western coast. That’s the claim of the team behind Natural Hydro Energy (NHE), which proposes to flood and dam coast...
UK councils now permitted to sell green electricity
A ban on councils in the UK selling green electricity into the national grid is to be overturned, UK Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne announces. The UK's Local Government (Miscellaneou...
Dong Energy To Build Next Major Danish Wind Development
The construction of the wind farm off the Danish island of Anholt in the Kattegat will represent a total investment of approximately DKK 10 billion (€1.34 billion). According to Dong Energy, the Anholt wind farm will have a capacity o...

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