Marine Renewables

Jonathan Porritt, Chief Executive of the UK's Sustainable Development Commission;

"There is a new industry in the making here, potentially creating thousands of jobs, generating a lot of new wealth, and delivering significant amounts of an increasingly precious commodity - namely, very low-carbon, environmentally friendly energy. Not to seize hold of this opportunity with vigour and urgency would be insane".

Latest Marine Renewables news

First Test Of Wave Machine In Orkney Imminent
E.ON announced its Vagr Atferd wave energy conversion device has arrived at the EMEC in Orkney, and is now awaiting installation and the beginning of the testing period. This will be the first time the P2 machine, designed and made by Pelamis Wave Power, will be tested. The Vagr Atferd ("wave power" in old Norse) has 750 kW of capacity, and will...
UK councils now permitted to sell green electricity
A ban on councils in the UK selling green electricity into the national grid is to be overturned, UK Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne announces. The UK's Local Government (Miscellaneou...
Stunning Potential of Offshore Renewables Revealed
A full economic evaluation into the potential of offshore renewable energy, the first of its kind, has been published. The authours, The Offshore Valuation Group, suggest that offshore renewable energy has the potential to provide the UK's electri...
Simply Renewable sponsors Highland Housing Fair
simply renewable Ltd - proud sponsors of the highland housing fair. Scotland's First Housing Fair 1st to 31st August 2009 Inverness The Highlands of Scotland is staging a major housing fair to showcase the best of hou...
Energy Performance revolution in the Outer Hebrides
To understand the concept behind Greenspace, you don't have to under­stand the technology which is just as well. Even someone with a fairly advanced understanding of computer systems would be left baffled by a pro­gramme which conducts &...
1st Professional qualification in renewable energy launched
A Scottish college, Lews Castle College in Stornoway has secured a major coup by winning approval for Scotland's only professional qualification in renewable energy, with hundreds of on-line students from around the country expected to sign up....

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