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VIDEO: Green Highland Renewables
Scotland has huge sources of renewable energy. But the massive schemes – whether wind, wave or water power -tend to attract opposition from people who don’t want the landscape despoiled. However, with the increasing efficiency of much smaller, micro-schemes, a solution may be at hand. In Glen Lyon in Perthshire, landowners first started using mi...
Renewables Meet Demand For The First Time
Power from wind turbines has met the demand for electricity across the north and north-east for the first time. Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) said the 700MW (megawatts) of energy generated by renewables at one point during the weekend...
Huge Turn Out For NFU Meeting On Renewables
THERE is plenty of interest in renewable energy if the turnout at a NFU Scotland meeting at Aberfeldy yesterday is anything to go by. The Town Hall was full but this was no surprise for NFU Scotland president Jim McLaren. “Farmin...
Greenpeace Launch Renewable Energy Logo Competition
Global environmental group Greenpeace has launched a competition to design a visual message supporting the use of renewable energy sources and opposing nuclear power, the winning design will be used ahead of the submission of the n...
Feed In Tarrif Coalition Lobby The Capitol
The FIT Coalition recently hosted an educational briefing on the economic benefits of feed-in tariffs (FiTs) in the US Capitol Building. The briefing occurred against the backdrop of Congressman Jay Inslee’s introducti...
Jacobite Relic To Use Green Power
An inn constructed on a building burned down by government soldiers hunting Bonnie Prince Charlie is using renewable power. Lochaber's Glenuig Inn has been fitted with solar panels to heat water and makes greater use of ...

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The National Centre for Excellence in Housing was formed as a joint venture partnership company between BRE and NHBC. It will be encouraging more partnerships in the future and establishing collaborative links with organisations and individuals who share the National Centre's vision of the future. ... more info »