Rain water harvesting & recycling

Worldwide water conservation devices are being employed and developed to combat water availability problems. The UK is no exception. There are distinct water demand, supply and disposal problems facing water companies, developers and home owners alike and in all likelihood will present serious short and long-term challenges for the future.

Rainwater Harvesting can be employed to help alleviate these challenges. Surface water, is currently causing flooding to unprecedented levels, not previously seen.

Rainwater harvesting is usually defined as being water collected from roofs via traditional guttering, through down pipes to an underground tank(s). Delivered on demand by an in-tank submersible pump direct to toilets, washing machine and outside tap use.More than 50% of mains water can be substituted by rainwater.

Grey water recycling is water from the bath, shower and wash hand basin. The ideal situation for 'Greywater' is in living accommodation where sufficient amounts are generated daily for reuse in toilets, washing machine and outside tap.

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SCP Environmental is a company dedicated to innovation in many specialist construction product areas, with paramount emphasis on encouraging the use of environmentally sustainable products and systems that will benefit our environment and future lifestyles. Our current focus area is our range of rainwater harvesting systems. Ideally suited to domestic applications our range of tanks, pumps and fil... more info »