Solar Thermal

Solar thermal energy is a technology for harnessing solar power for practical applications from solar heating to electrical power generation to. Solar thermal collectors, such as solar hot water panels are commonly used to generate solar hot water for domestic and light industrial applications. Solar thermal energy is used in architecture and building design to control heating and ventilation in both active solar and passive solar designs.


Solar thermal heating is applied to water, air or structural materials. Conversion of light to heat can be achieved through passive systems or active systems (mechanically transferring heat by means of a working fluid such as oil, water or air).

Latest Solar Thermal news

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California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger closed the just-concluded climate change summit he co-hosted in the US by announcing the formation of what he described as a first-of-its-kind, innovative, “sub-national “public-private alliance committed to crafting climate change solutions and building the global green...
HomeSun in Solalr Kit Giveaway
HomeSun wants to enable people to produce their own power by offering their system in return for a share of the savings they make on their electricity bills. The firm can do it because the previous Government introduced "feed-in tariffs" o...
Spain Overtakes USA As World's Largest Producer Of Solar Power
Spain has become the leading producer of solar thermal electric energy, after the Florida solar plant in Alvarado (Badajoz), belonging to Renovables Samca, was connected to the grid this month. Spain has taken over top spot from the US with 432 MW...
UK councils now permitted to sell green electricity
A ban on councils in the UK selling green electricity into the national grid is to be overturned, UK Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne announces. The UK's Local Government (Miscellaneou...
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The Scottish west coast island of Eigg has managed to halve carbon emissions from the average household by generating more than 90 per cent of electricity from renewables. The 95 residents also save energy by heating water with solar pane...
Hebridean Energy Future Conference Highlights "The Western Isles Offer"
Comhairle nan Eilean Siar is calling on OFGEM to support an immediate 900MW electricity grid connection to the Western Isles. The call was made at the Energy Futures Conference in Stornoway today where the Leader of Comhairle nan Eilean Siar, ...

Featured Solar Thermal company

SolarVenti UK Ltd supplies solar powered air collectors providing ventilation, a powerful dehumidifying effect and supplementary space heating (substantial with larger models). Entirely solar powered (producing zero C02 emissions) they are used on buildings to keep them fresh and dry and (larger models) on residential property to reduce heating bills.... more info »