Wind Power

The global community has to, and is in the process of changing the way it generates and uses energy. Governments around the world are focussed  on finding ways of  producing energy in a safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Great empahsis is  also being placed on eliminating  wasteful energy use.  All these initiatives are aimed at  reducing the amount of green house gases produced, and released into the atmosphere.  The scientific community regularly warn us that the average temperature of the world is increasing, leading to climate change. The UK Government recently stated that it wants to see harmful carbon emissions  reduced by 50% before 2050.

In April 2002, the Government put in place the Renewables Obligation legislation.  All electricity suppliers are required to source 10% of their supply from renewable technologies by 2010.  The UK is often referred to as the green powerhouse of Europe, and wind is at the forefront of helping to meet and beat that target.

As a nation, we have to greatly increase the contribution renewable technology makes in heating our homes, in the delivery of our public services and helping to  grow our economy. Currently, wind technology is helping generate the cheapest source of renewable energy available. The cost of electricity generated  using wind technologies, competitively compare to those paid for electricity from conventional power plants.

Latest Wind Power news

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California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger closed the just-concluded climate change summit he co-hosted in the US by announcing the formation of what he described as a first-of-its-kind, innovative, “sub-national “public-private alliance committed to crafting climate change solutions and building the global green...
Ethiopia Announce Wind Plan
The Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPCo) has signed agreements for the creation of two large wind farms that will significantly alter life in a country where only 25 percent of residents currently have a...
Clemson University In Ground Breaking Wind Project
Clemson University broke ground on Thursday in North Charleston (South Carolina) in the US for what is believed will be the world’s largest wind-turbine drive-train testing facility – an event described as a milestone ...
New Global Investment In US Wind
Mitsubishi (Japan), Suzlon (India) and A-Power (China) have entered the wind market in the United States. While the Japanese recently announced the construction of a wind turbine factory in Arkansas, the Chinese...
China's Wind Power Going From Strength To Strength
Not even the most optimistic of forecasts at the start of the year predicted that China could reach 40 gigawatts (GW) of installed wind capacity by the end of 2010. However, according to calculations by Li Junfe...
New Technology To Improve Wind Turbines
Owens Corning, ...

Featured Wind Power company

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WS1000PS T2
The Windsave wind turbine delivers up to 1KW of supplementary energy synchronised and adjusted to supply directly into your household power circuits, using Windsave's unique technology the appliances in the house will absorb energy from the turbine before using grid voltage. This could contribute to a potential energy saving for the average home whilst reducing the household CO2 emissions. This product i... more info »